How To Stay Motivated In Anything

I’m going to be blatantly honest here. Motivation fades. When we first start out on something new we are excited, engaged, and ready to go. After a while to shiny new”ness” rubs off and often feel deflated and less motivated. Let’s go through a few ways you can keep the momentum going, in anything you want to accomplish. 

1. Write down and track SMALL goals. Bite size pieces you can “pick off and chew” and see your progress build. 

2. Create a system of habit. When you repeat something daily it will become a part of you and you’ll feel weird when you’re doing something different. 

3. Start slow. Diving head first into the deep end of any new endeavor will quickly cause you to sink. Start slow. Give yourself time to get into a groove. 

4. Ask for help. Doing things with friends makes everything more fun. Or seek out a professional who works in the area you are working in. They can lend you some advice or guidance.

5. Create a reward system. When you reach certain milestones (that you chose in #1) reward yourself! Whether that’s a new outfit, a nice dinner out, going on a date with your significant other, a spa day — be proud of where you are and how far you have come and celebrate, babe! 

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