Love Your Body More, Punish Yourself Less

Have you ever “slipped up” on your diet or binged one weekend and felt guilty. What did you do next? Did you go run for miles on end, punishing yourself for what you did? 


We need to change our mindset. Exercise is not punishment for what you ate, or because you don’t like what you see in the mirror. 

Exercise because you love yourself and it makes you feel good.

And let me stop here for a second. I completely understand this is easier said than done. I battle this myself. 

I feel we have to start listening to our bodies more and judging less. 

It’s okay if you ate a piece of cake (or two) at a party. You were having fun, enjoying friends and family. Eat the cake. Enjoy the moment. 

And know…. you did NOTHING wrong. 

And you know what? You can pick up tomorrow and get in a sweat session doing something you ENJOY. If that’s what makes you feel good. 

Reward yourself for enjoying the moment. Reward yourself for loving yourself enough to want to exercise and take care of your body. 

A true healthy lifestyle is finding a balance that works for you. (Not the girl you see on Instagram, [Where her body is basically her job, haha I might be a bit jealous/salty, but these unfair comparisons only hold us down]). It’s finding the give and take that makes you happy. It’s finding the method that helps you get to the place where you feel your best. My goals and your goals may vary drastically. What I do to stay healthy may not fit your goals or needs. 

Do what makes you happy. Do what fits your definition of what you want your mind, body, and life to look like and rock it, babe. 

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