The Female Epidemic 

I have begun to notice, what I would call, an epidemic in the female sector of the world. 

With the rise in social media, instant access to images right at our fingertips I feel we as women are sinking lower and lower. 

As women we have to work as a group. One unit to lift each other higher. Women are often “stigmatized” as catty, jealous, and unsupportive of each other. We need to create a new mold. A new strong, bold, united culture of women. Let’s raise our standards. Let’s work harder at being friends first and just trust each other. We can root each other on without feeling less of ourselves. 

I read a quote recently that said “admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.”

This is exactly what I’m talking about. We often get caught up in the comparison spin cycle. We see other women in magazines, on tv, social media. And we feel like we have to be like them, look like them, act like them. Instead of believing and seeing that we are already our best selves. That we are already beautiful, kind hearted, strong, silly, and everything that makes us, us. 
I, myself, struggle with this. I have spent many moments showing my husband other women on social media wondering why I can’t be like them, look like them…

And he has to pick me up off this runaway train and remind me that I can’t look like them because I’m me. And that I am beautiful just the way I am. 

What’s your thoughts on this subject? How can we, as women, unite and become stronger together? 

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