The Pursuit Of Happiness Can Be The Cause Of Your Unhappiness.

The pursuit of happiness can be the cause of your unhappiness.

I heard this recently. And I couldn’t get it out of my head.

It’s so true. Sometimes we are so busy trying to find happiness we cease to see that it’s right in front of us. Happening right now.

We often get stuck in this cycle of trying to do better, be better, find the next thing, get the new item, beat the next trend.

I’m guilty of this myself. We often don’t slow down enough to truly soak in and see the goodness that already surrounds us.

Take even just 10 minutes a day to stop and relinquish yourself to your surroundings. Stop and breathe in the air. Sit and just be quiet in nature. Spend a few minutes discussing the moments of your day with your loved ones. And then spend a few minutes just listening to your loved one.

No phones, no tv, just be. We as a whole are so consumed with our technological gadgets we often forget to look up and see life happening around us.

Take a minute and let it in. Soak it in. You DESERVE it!

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