One Small Gesture Can Change the World  

Have you ever noticed someone looked sad or down.. a stranger and wanted to help?

Or have you ever been driving down the street and saw a homeless person and you weren’t sure how to help them?

One small gesture could truly change someone’s day, or even, their life. 

When you’re in line getting food somewhere, on occasion, buy for the person behind you in line. It could change the course of their day. 

And when they say something to you, just remind them to keep passing on the good deed. 

Keep crackers, canned foods, bottles of water or supplies in your car to pass out to the less fortunate. 

Hold the door for an elderly person or a mom juggling her 3 kids. 

Smile at someone who you feel seems down on their luck. Or smile just because as you walk past others on the street. 

You could truly make a difference. And encouraging others to pass along the nice gesture could change our world. 

Imagine if every person, every day did one tiny thing to positively impact another persons life. How amazing would this world be? 

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