Forget Perfection


Often I get caught up in the “when I get to a certain size” or “when I get to a certain weight” than I’ll do _________. (Fill in the blank.)

Does this sound familiar in your life?

I’ve come to realize that this has to stop. We need to embrace where we are currently and know it’s OK that we want to improve in certain areas.  Meanwhile. we have to learn to love ourselves now, RIGHT NOW.

I openly share about my journey of health and fitness, through anxiety and tribulation, the ups and downs of my life on my Instagram and Facebook and I know I don’t look like a lot of those “fitness models”, but how many of us do? Truly ask yourself….how many of us actually want to? To look like most “fitness models” you see on social media and in magazines it requires, for most, a very strict nutrition plan and workout regimen. Early mornings and late nights. Counting calories, macros, weighing and portioning your food at every meal. How many of us want to truly live like that?

I am all for wanting to be your best self, but is having a six-pack of abs truly what you want? Or do you just want to feel better about yourself? Feel better in your clothes? Feel confident when you walk in to a room?

Shredded abs are not going to “solve” out self-esteem issues or our body image issues.

I am sharing this with you today to help you see we can all live a balanced, happy, healthy life and not torture ourselves with weighing food and counting calories constantly.

For me counting calories, macros, or anything like that caused a lot of anxiety and internal conflict with myself. I constantly felt deprived. Even though I was doing this for “my goals” I wasn’t truly happy.

Finding self-love and a healthy relationship with our bodies, food, and society, etc. we need to find a balance and truly what makes us happy.

I will never have a six-pack of abs and feel balance in my life. It’s just not in the cards for me. My body and metabolism don’t work that way. And I would rather feel confident in my skin and balance in my life than feel “shredded”.

I invite you to soul search here. Find what you truly, truly want for yourself in your life. And go after it. If I can help you in any way please comment or message me on social media and we can work on this together.

Let’s forget about perfection and focus more on balance and happiness.

2 thoughts on “Forget Perfection

    1. Let me know if I can help you in any way. It took me a long time to find the balance that works for me (and there’s still days I struggle with it, which is normal!). Just listen to your heart and body ♥️


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