My New Journey Towards a Non-Toxic, or Less Toxic, Lifestyle.

Wait, what does a non-toxic lifestyle even mean? I didn’t even know about the “non-toxic” lifestyle until very recently.

Let me explain how I stumbled across this beautifully, green, organic way of life.

For the last several months I have been dealing with some hormone/body imbalance issues. Everything just feels out of whack. I feel like I am more moody, my digestive system is all wonky, and my skin is just a mess. To tell you a little about how I arrived at this place in my life…two years ago I was having some similar (but way more severe) symptoms. I was trying all different kinds of hormonal birth control to “fix” these symptoms. I tried probably 10 different pills, the Nuvaring, the Mirena IUD, you name it and I probably have tried it or had it put into my body… and frankly no matter what I tried everything just kept getting worse. So one day my husband said to me “Why don’t you try getting off all these hormones and let’s see if your body levels out.”

So, that’s what I did. I have been off all forms of hormonal birth control for 2 years now. And even though I am going through some difficulties right now it is the best decision I have ever made. I have been on one form or another of hormonal birth control since I was around 16 or so. I got on it due to some “period problems” I was having when I was in high school. And I honestly wish I had never started taking it. I wish I had done more research. I just listened to my doctor that birth control was a “magic pill” to fix all things “female” that I didn’t like at the time (i.e. heavy periods, acne, PMS).

My body is still trying to figure out what it’s supposed to do without these artificial hormones circulating through my body. My cycle has not been regular since stopping “the pill” but slowly and surely we are getting there.

As I am trying to re-regulate my body and get it back to its natural rhythm, through research I have discovered the world of non-toxic living and green beauty and it has opened my eyes.

Did you know that we can absorb up to 5 pounds of chemicals into our bodies each year from all the things we lather on each day? (1) Makeup, skin care, shampoo etc., which unlike food can remain inside of us forever! The average adult uses 9 personal care products per day and over a quarter of women use at least 15! (2) After finding this out I knew that all these nasty chemicals weren’t helping me achieve a healthy balanced body inside and out.

So slowly I am ridding my shelves and drawers of toxic products and replacing them with less toxic options. I’ve started with my cleansing products such as shampoo, body wash and face wash. It isn’t always easy (or the most cost effective) to buy all new products that you use each and every day. So on this journey I plan to share with you what is helping me, working for me, and working for my wallet too.

If you would like me to continue to share more about living a less-toxic lifestyle while being money conscious comment, like, share with friends and maybe follow if you’re in the mood :).






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