Lululemon Vs. Lululemon Outlet


Just a few weeks ago I was telling my husband I wish there was a Lululemon outlet near me. I love their clothes, innovation, and technology. My wallet, though, doesn’t like the price tags. Then poof, out of nowhere, they just opened a brand new outlet right near my house. I literally jumped with joy when I heard the news.

Now the outlet location doesn’t have the same deluxe feel as the retail stores you often see in ritzy malls and higher end areas of town. It is more so a blank canvas with free standing clothes racks with a mix of items hung from them. It’s just not very fancy. They won’t have every style item in every size and color. It’s more of a luck of the draw kind of deal if you are on the hunt for something particular.

Don’t let this deter you!

I have gone to retail locations several times to try on clothes and figure out which styles and sizes work best for me. I actually just went about a week ago and the experience I had wasn’t what I would expect from a place like Lululemon. Usually when you walk into an upscale retail store such as Lululemon you are immediately greeted and asked if there’s anything you need help with. That didn’t really happen. Then, as I made my way to the leggings area I asked the gentleman working about a certain style of pant an acquittance had told me about. The guy just stared at me blankly like I was speaking another language. After looking up some things he basically told me that it must be a new product and it might be in in a few weeks. (Although my friend has had these leggings for a while.) I left the store without what I had come in looking for and not the best experience.

I then went to the outlet, about a week later, a few days after its grand opening. I met a sales associate named Brie and man was she amazing! She was so bubbly and personable. She helped me figure out my sizing. She explained that different leggings can fit differently and therefore you may be one size in one style and another size in another style. She also had me walk around in different styles, move around, and see how they felt. Were they pinching or gathering in any areas? Did I feel “secure” and “held in” like that style was meant to work? She was just wonderful! I walked out of the outlet store with several items in hand, my wallet was a lot happier saving 30% or so on the retail price, and my experience with the customer service was everything I’d hoped I’d get from the retail location!

This my friends is an example of not judging a store front by its fancy, luxe displays and giving the less organized cost saving option a chance. You just might be surprised with what you end up with :).

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