Every Human Interaction Has a Purpose

Have you ever met someone and only spoke with them for a fleeting moment, but in that moment they profoundly impacted your life? 

Have you had a long lived friendship end over something you never thought could happen?

I’ve had both happen. And both were beautiful and devastating all at the same time. 

We have interactions and relationships with people for a reason. People walk in and out of our lives for a purpose. Whether we see it or understand it in the moment might not be the case. 

We have lovers who break our hearts. This is so we can know true love. Know our worth, value and standards. 

We have friendships torn apart. This is so we can appreciate the truest forms of friendship we have. 

We meet people daily who are hurting, thriving, cheating, barely skating by, frolicking in their abundance.

We have these moments with these strangers all to teach us something. 

Keep your heart and mind open, learn something, hold on to it, and pass on some wisdom while you’re at it. 

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