Healthy Looks Different On Everybody

Magazines, social media, runways… they all tell us what society views as sexy, beautiful, what everyone should want to look like. They set a beauty standard, if you will. 

You scroll through Instagram and you see women with a big bust, small waist and a big booty. You see women with six pack abs. We associate that with the “definition” of healthy. 

I am here to tell you that healthy looks different on every body. You can be thick, thin, short, tall, have big boobs or small boobs, a small booty or a big booty, biceps, triceps, quads galore… none of these things classify you as healthy or unhealthy. 

When analyzing your current health status evaluate not only your body, but also your heart, mind and soul. Look at your emotional well being too. 

Be open to learning and changing to be healthier; whatever that may be to you. 

And know that there is not one certain physical standard that deems one person healthy and the other not. 

Do what makes you FEEL good from the inside out. When you feel good emotionally, mentally and physically that’s what matters and that’s true health!

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