My Journey to Living a More Green Life, Continued.

Recently I posted about how I stumbled into the world of non-toxic (or less-toxic) living. You can read it here. Boy, have I learned a lot over the last few months!

The amounts of chemicals, some more toxic than others, that we absorb from self care products, cleaning products, food pesticides, and so many other things we come into contact in our daily lives astounded me. So much so, that I wanted to change the way I live.

I work in healthcare and see first hand the horrors of not taking care of ourselves. Daily I see examples of how miserable life can be amidst a battle with an illness such as cancer. My hope is to do everything I can to prevent things like this happening to me.

As I am dealing with some current small health issues and hormone imbalance problems I am diving right in and trying to learn all I can to help myself and in turn hopefully help you!

I wanted to share with you the small steps I have made, so far, in my quest towards a greener life. Making the switch over to green, less-toxic living isn’t cheap. I have decided to do it in stages. As I run out of products I already own I will switch them out with a more green option.

A lot of green products can be pricey. I plan to share with you how I am transitioning to green products without breaking the bank.

As I share these products with you and the information I have learned, know I am not a physician. I encourage you to do your own research and learn things for your own journey. 

The first thing I switched was my shampoo and body wash. These products laden with sulfates, fragrances, parabens, artificial colors, and more can wreak havoc on our bodies. From acne and dermatitis to hormone imbalance and even cancer – these chemicals could contribute to these ailments and illnesses or even be a cause for them. 

I switched from a conventional dandruff shampoo to Jason’s Dandruff relief.


I’ve been using it for several months now and I like it. Finding a clean shampoo that actually treats dandruff isn’t an easy task. I have had no issues with it since using this shampoo and its costs around $7-$9!

For body wash I used to be a devoted Dove gal. I have very sensitive skin so I already stayed away from heavy scented body washes. I was shocked to read the label of my Dove sensitive skin body wash and realize it wasn’t as clean as I had thought it was.

I’ve been using Every Day Coconut for about a month now and I love it! It has not only replaced my body wash but my shave gel too! You get a whopping 32oz for less than $10 and it has replaced two toxic products! Yay for less money, less chemicals, and more room in the shower! (Happy Dance) a69ffc4e24534174a647096f5d26fb09

Start small, replace the products you use most first, then slowly replace as you run out of other things!

Later this week I will be posting about my new favorite clean mascara, makeup products, face wash and more!

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