Going Green, Beauty Edition

Hey there friends! As promised I wanted to continue sharing about the products I have been using over the last several weeks/months! This is a continuation of Monday’s blog post. If you missed Monday’s post you can read it by clicking here.

Without further ado let’s jump right in! As you all know I love getting dolled up. Maybe not every day, but when I am going out on a hot date with my handsome husband or out with friends I want to look my best. What better way to look your best than by putting the least toxic products on our skin?

I love a flawless face with luscious eyelashes and bold lips. Below are a few makeup products I have tried out and my reviews on each!

Who doesn’t love a good BB cream? So far my favorite BB cream is Pacifica Natural Minerals Alight BB Cream. It is an all-in-one skin tint that gives you a “bare skin” look. If you are looking for more coverage I will be posting about some higher coverage products soon! I like to test them for a bit first.


If you like the natural, barely there feel you will love this BB cream! As an added bonus it has skincare built right into it to help with the signs of aging. This BB cream has shade matching technology. For me, being so fair, a lot of these types of products don’t work well on me. This one adapts pretty well. I’d say it’s just a hair dark on my skin. I would give it a 9/10. You can check out Pacifica products here.

Second on the list for your beautiful face is Cocokind’s new line “The Colors”. They have Facial Primer Drops and Facial Powders. Cocokind’s mission is to create products that are Pure, Nutritious, and Meaningful. Their organic skin care line is focused around superfoods and they use the most pure ingredients. For all these reasons I was super excited to give these products a try!

I love these two products mostly because of their ingredients: Organic arrowroot powder, organic aloe powder, non-nano zinc oxide, organic cacao powder, kaolin (rose) clay, organic matcha tea powder, organic ginger root powder, organic kale powder, organic chia oil.

How amazingly clean is that? Love it! Now, how do these perform? See below!


They definitely evened out my skin tone and took the redness away from the multiple blemishes I have right now. It is a pretty light coverage and a very natural look. The only negative I would say about these is I am not the biggest fan of the smell. They don’t smell bad…but, there is just something I can’t really place that I don’t love. I would give these a 9/10. They perform well, feel light on the skin, and make your skin look more even!

You can check out Cocokind’s site here.

Next on the list is mascara! I have found, what I feel, is the holy grail of non-toxic mascara! I bring to you Lily Lolo. I just love this mascara! It performs just as well as my conventional products did and I didn’t know it was possible before finding this product!


I feel so much better knowing I am not putting toxic chemicals on my eyelashes and so close to my eyes. It comes off easy when I wash my face at the end of the day, but looks great and lasts all day! You can check out Lily Lolo mascara from The Organic Bunny store like I did here or the Lily Lolo site here.  The reason I shop a lot with The Organic Bunny is Amanda, the owner, is so helpful! She has helped me so much as a newbie in the Green Beauty World and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Before and After Lily Lolo mascara


Thank you so much for reading! Like, comment, and share if you’d like to see more about the products I have been testing out! More to come soon!



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