Non-toxic Life Style, Self Care Edition

If you have been following along here on my blog for the last few months you know I am slowly transitioning towards a less-toxic lifestyle. I am gradually swapping out my conventional beauty and body care products for items with less chemicals that could potentially contribute harm to my body and its systems.

Some people may not get it, may think I am a little looney, or just think it’s a silly idea to think there could be harmful chemicals in products we use daily.  To each there own but… if you feel compelled to learn more about living a less-toxic lifestyle and cleaning out your drawers and cupboards of items latent with nasty chemicals continue reading.

This post is going to dive into the self care products I have been using. If you’d like to see what beauty and makeup products I have tried head over here to read. If you are interested in swapping out your shampoos and soaps and would like to see which items I have been using click here.


Let’s get boogying!

I don’t know about you, but I have a tough job. My job is emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting. After working a long weekend I like to come home and pamper myself. Who doesn’t, right? Hair masks, face masks, and body scrubs galore. Yes, please!

I take my self care really seriously. How can I pour into others with an empty glass? Restoring myself from the inside out is extremely important to me. Here are some of the products I have been loving to do just that!

First, the good old hair mask! I used to buy all these fancy, expensive hair masks. Not anymore! My favorite product for my hair is classic coconut oil! Not only does it nourish your hair and leave it luscious and shiny, it smells amazing! (It won’t break the bank either, double score!)

imagesYou want to look for organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil. I take some into my hand, rub it in my hands to emulsify it (it is solid at room temperature) and then spread it into my hair from roots to tips. I let it sit in my hair anywhere from 30 minutes to up to 24 hours. Just toss your hair in a bun and go about your day! If you want to sleep with it in your hair just lay a towel over your pillow at night. To wash it out I wash 2-3 times. You really want to make sure you massage your scalp well and really get it out, otherwise your hair will look greasy afterwards.

Next up is face masks. I love face masks. After a good face mask your skin is so supple and soft. I seem to have a natural glow going on after, and I love it! My favorite face mask right now is by Osmia Organics.  This mask is great to detox your face. If you are acne prone like I am you will LOVE this mask! It smells amazing too, like you are spreading chocolate all over your face, trust me, it’s fantastic.


Osmia also has a nourishing mask for my friends with normal to dry skin. Head over to their site if you’d like to learn even more goodness about their amazing products!

Numero 3 on the list is body scrubs! What is an in home spa day without a rub down and exfoliation session?! I have been dry brushing and using this scrumptious smelling body scrub by Deep Steep. And oh my, does it smell good. Like vanilla and brown sugar….yes, girl!


I used to use a body scrub that smelled like warm vanilla by another, conventional, company that I loved. I just hated knowing I was spreading harmful chemicals and fragrances all over my skin, just to absorb it. My old conventional product is NO MATCH for this Deep Steep Sugar Scrub. It is made from organic, all natural ingredients. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

That my friends, is my self care go-tos. What products are you currently using for self care? Need help finding a less-toxic alternative? Leave me a message in the comments or head over to my Instagram and shoot me a message, I would LOVE to help in any way that I can!

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