Some days We Aren’t Okay

Some days we aren’t okay. It’s learning to be accepting of that and understanding it’s a normal thing. 

As women we have a plethora of hormones running through our bodies. Different hormones peak at different stages of our cycles and different times of the month. 

Some days I wake up full of energy and life, I’m ready to conquer the world. Other days, like today, I wake up with no energy, sad and down, in pain from the cramps and I just don’t want to deal with it today. 

As long as you are able to understand why you are feeling the way you are and it doesn’t last for an extensive amount of time – most likely your bad day is just that, a crappy, no good, bad day. 

If you feel like seeking the guidance of a professional could help you navigate the unchartered waters of your emotions, don’t hesistate. I am headed to see my therapist in about an hour. Seeing a therapist off and on for the last 10 years or so has been one of the best decisions I ever could have made. 

Just know, no matter what, you’re normal and you’re ok. It’s ok to not be ok. And it’s perfectly fine to reach out to others for help, too. 

You are loved. It’s going to be alright. 

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