Healthy Treats, They Do Exist

Who doesn’t like a good chocolate chip cookie or piece of chocolate here or there? I know I do. I am a sweets-a-holic. When I began my journey of living a more health-first approach towards my life one thing I really struggled with was giving up chocolate and treats.

I have good news! You don’t have to rid chocolate and sweets from your life. I am here to share some healthy alternatives, that are also super delicious, with you! (I’ll also share some treats I tried that I wasn’t really keen on also :)).

Let’s get to it!

I LOVE chocolate chip cookies….and well, any cookie for that matter. I present to you Simple Mills. I absolutely adore their company and products. The whole, healthy ingredients in each of their products is phenomenal. You can treat yourself and not feel guilty. Simple Mills has ready made cookies in many yummy flavors they also have baking mixes for chocolate chip cookies (which are my favorite by the way), cakes, bread, banana bread, muffins and more. You can find their products at your local Sprouts or Whole foods or you can check them out online here.

Next up, Hail Merry. Hold on to your hats for this one! Man, the tarts, cups, and bites are nothing short of amazing. Seriously, they are so decadent. The ingredients are superb. Each tart is made from organic coconut oil and other healthy fats such as nuts. They are amazingly delicious and a small bite satisfies any sweet craving. Check them out here

Let’s talk about chocolate. A little bite of chocolate right after a meal is always a nice treat. The two companies I’m obsessed with are Hu Kitchen and Loving Earth. Hu Kitchen’s products are focused around clean, healthy, healing ingredients. Their chocolate is amazing and I love knowing I’m putting good ingredients into my body when I snack on it. My favorite flavor is the hazelnut butter dark chocolate. All of Hu Kitchen’s chocolates are non dairy, non gmo, no soy lecithin, gluten free, no cane sugar and the list goes on. 

Loving earth is very similar. Their chocolate is raw organic and low glycemic index. Because there’s no added cane sugar this product could potentionally work well for people with diabetes or other blood sugar disorders (consult your physician first of course). The only down fall to loving earth is they are an Australian based company but they are getting more and more products available to the US! In the meantime I order their products mostly off Amazon.

One product I tried, that I didn’t love, but you just might, was by Eating Evolved. I’ve heard so many great things about their company so I gave their keto cups a try. And honestly I wasn’t a fan. They are made from organic cocoa, organic coconut butter, MCT oil and organic vanilla extract. For me, they were very bitter and didn’t satiate my sweet tooth at all. I love their motto that “chocolate is food, not candy.” The keto cups, though, didn’t make the cut. They have other products like coconut butter cups and primal chocolate I plan to try – I’ll keep you guys posted on those soon! These could be a great product for those on keto diet, ketogenic diet, high fat low carb diet, etc. 

If you have a sweet tooth like I do but want to find a way to enjoy the chocolatey goodness and still take care of your body at the same time give these products a try! Be sure to let me know what you try and what you think! 

Happy snacking! 

2 thoughts on “Healthy Treats, They Do Exist

  1. You pretty much just saved my life! I’m getting ready to start this whole “healthy diet” thing because I want a healthier lifestyle. I’ve just been dreading giving up these things! I’m definitely going to check these out! Thank you for sharing this information!

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