Stuck In A Rut? Feel Like Life Is A Mundane Routine That Never Changes?

Lately I have felt this very way. Life is just passing by and I am just along for the ride. I asked this same question on Facebook and I was surprised how many of my Facebook friends felt this exact same way, too. So, I began to really sit and think, while gathering their suggestions too, on how I can spice up life and get things cooking again.

Sometimes this is easier said than done and it’s scary at times to push beyond the norm…but, lets chat on how we can get past this rut.

  1. Get Moving! When I was feeling down in the dumps the other day I went and took a spin class. During the class I felt annoyed, hot, tired, and frankly stupid. I asked myself why would I put myself through this torture (that I even paid for!)? After class though, I felt like a million bucks! I kid you not. I rode that high for a few days after as well! Get moving, take a new class, go for a walk, get outside if the weather is pretty. I promise you won’t regret it. Keep moving a little each week to keep this momentum  going…even if for just 15 minutes!
  2. Change up your routine. I know, I know, I am getting a little crazy. I am one who thrives off of routine but, hear me out. Do you have a work schedule? A life schedule? Kids schedule…. schedules for everything? I can relate! I don’t have children but, I know what it’s like being pulled here, there and everywhere. Change it up, even in the smallest way if you can. Take a personal day if you can, have your husband or wife cook dinner one night, instead of watching your normal shows before bed take a bath, light some candles and just relax. Try to implement one small change in your “norm” each week to shake things up.
  3. What is something you love doing? Shopping, blogging, reading? What is something you do for you that you purely enjoy? I know life can get crazy chaotic, if you can, try to take just 30 minutes one day this week and do something just for you. On your lunch break at work instead of eating alone maybe write that blog post, read a chapter in a book, or go for a little shopping adventure?! Be brave, have some fun!
  4. Delegate and resource. Have too much on your plate? Delegate out tasks you can to others. Maybe hire someone to come deep clean your house once a month just to help remove the burden? Have dinner delivered or pick it up once a month or once a week. Did you know you can have your groceries delivered?! It’s not available everywhere, but I live out in the boonies and we even have the option to select our groceries online and pick them up all read to go! Anywhere you can pass on tasks that burden your day to day to someone else, do it! I am a perfectionist too, I know that isn’t always the easiest. Trust me, done and less stress, is better than stressed and perfect :). It’s OK…you can do it!
  5. Are you due for a vacation? I know everyone can’t afford to fly across the world to a extravagant beach. Do a stay-cation and ask your parents to watch the kids. Drive down to a local beach with the family. Take a drive to see a long lost friend that moved away and leave the kids with the husband/wife. Take time away if you can. If you can’t go now, start to plan a vacation, having something to look forward to can change your whole perspective.

I know, a lot of this isn’t something you can maybe do right away. Do some now, plan some for later. You deserve to be happy! Find little life moments where you can fit in some you time!

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