Why I am Not Making A New Years Resolution



plural noun: intentions

1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

2. MEDICINE: the healing process of a wound.

With 2018 among us, a new year. I want to turn my focus towards loving my body, healing my body, and listening to my body. If we stop, breathe, and listen it will tell us what it truly needs.

I use the word intention because we are all human. Using the word goal or resolution, in the past, has set me up to feel as if I’ve failed when I don’t meet that particular “goal”. So instead I give to you my plan. I plan to move my body more, each day, with intention. No goal. No set regimen. Just move. Whatever feels right, whatever my body is craving – I’ll do for 30 minutes each day. Yoga, walks, stretching, a hardcore sweat session, whatever feels right I’ll do.

I plan to nourish my body first, then treat my body. I will give my body the nutrients it needs, first, then allow myself to listen to my cravings. I will not deprive my body of what it asks for me. I will purely listen and respond with intention.

I intend to practice self love each day. I will try to replace harsh thoughts with positive ones. When doubt creeps in I will work through it and remind myself I am worthy. I will take time each day to care for myself mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

Happy fresh start my friends. May this new year be full of love, light, and happiness.

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